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About Nancy Baker

She recieved certification from the Kalamazoo Center of Healing Arts in 2003 and has worked as a therapist ever since.

She also has certifications in Geriatric Massage, Quantum Touch, Myofacial Release, and Massage Cupping Therapy. She is also a Reiki Master, and has several certificates in various types of energy balancing.

She is a member of the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness, and a member of the National Center of Homeopathy.  I also completed Level 1 Raw Chief from the Creative Health Institute and A member of  The Creative Health Institute.

Through her training and work as a Therapist she believes the Body has its own wisdom to heal itself.  Massage helps the body discover itself.

I am passionate about taking care of myself and spend most of my time doing research on better ways to eat and care for this precious body I have.  I love being present with my clients and listen to what it is they need. I may recommended diet changes or home remedies that may assist my clients.  I frequently send my clients to the Health food store for a homeopathics or two.

My hobbies include, biking, research for better health, reading, gardening, and preparing healthy meals and dehydrating herbs and fruits and veggies.  I intend to be having workshops on the how to's of gluten free raw goodies.  I also dabble in Gems and Rock collecting.

I am currently studying Shamanic healing and Isolated Stretching. I am now and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapist. This techniques works with the abdominal and pelvic floor and helps to promote Homeosatsis and Heomdymanics throughout the body.

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